Maple Productions T/a Alternative Build Concepts has been in the construction industry since 1998 and was strictly involved in timber frame construction. Due to the increase in timber and the poor quality of materials Maple Productions started investigating alternative materials and build techniques from around the world.
Light Gauge Steel Frame construction was the next evolution in construction to hit South Africa in the early part of the 21st Century. It offers the freedom to explore designs that before had been difficult or extremely costly to achieve. It offers the freedom to escape from the “old School” way of approaching projects. It offers the freedom to move away from conventional square box design. It offers the best thermal properties to both control heat loss and heat generation.
Light Gauge Steel Frame construction is cost effective and projects are achieved in a quicker time frame without compromising quality and style.
Alternative Build Concepts is a fully integrated Designer, Manufacturer and Builder, thus cutting down on the addition costs of having to employ outside consultants.
Alternative Build Concept has successfully taken the use of Light Gauge Steel Frame into various forms of construction. Residential, Industrial, Commercial and Institutional.
Alternative Build Concepts has also developed a highly successful Concrete In-Fill System. This has been tested and certified by CSIR and carry and Agregment Certificate.